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When you think of soap box racers, you think of single-person cars, aerodynamically built for racing down a hill at whizzing speeds. Star Trek fan Rob Wixey took to doing something a little different, and created a soap box racer in the shape of the Enterprise. While it won’t win any awards for aerodynamic design, it’s quite impressive in how it looks and was constructed.

Star Trek Premiere Soap Box

Built over the course of two months with three friends, it will be in the Red Bull Soapbox race at Alexandria Palace on July 14th. Red Bull was so impressed with it that they displayed it outside the Star Trek Into Darkness premiere in London. The frame of the racer is made of steel, welded to a bicycle that was cut in half. The rest of the ship was created with polystyrene and plywood, and coated in fiberglass.

Enterprise Soapbox-Cyclists

Not many fans would put in the time and energy that Rob has, and we’ll be cheering him on from across the pond next month.

Star Trek Premiere Soap Box

Star Trek Premiere Soap Box


Star Trek Premiere Soap Box


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